About Dashi

  Dashi Chu Kocica is a Florida Licensed
  Acupuncture Physician, specializing in Asian Healing
  Arts, and author of 8 DVDs on fitness and
  Dashi's passion speaks for itself.  After curing
  herself  of a partial hearing loss in 1997 through the
  intensive practice of Qigong, she is dedicated
  to bringing  these ancient and powerful methods
  of self-healing to the West.
  As a life-long student of Asian Healing Arts, Dashi
  teaches and lectures on the healing benefits of
  Qigong, Taiji Chuan (Tai Chi) and yoga. Over 40
  years of
“cross training” in Qigong, Taiji and yoga
  has given Dashi a unique insight into the funda-
  mentals of mind-body integration and energy
  movement.  She explains in simple and easy-to-
  understand terms what “Qi” is, why it is important to
  one’s health and well-being, and how it relates to
  Chinese organ-meridian theory.

   In her workshops her goal is to teach her students
  how to relax body and mind, how to synchronize
  movement with the breath, so they can experience
  movement as "a blissful flow of energy through
  the body."

  Dashi has traveled the world learning from master
  teachers, but she recognizes that the ultimate
  teacher| is within oneself. Gifted with natural grace
  and inner stillness, her teaching style is precise and
  analytical, yet it opens the mind to grasp broader
  concepts of energy and movement within the form.
  Dashi's goal is to inspire and empower her
  students to practice daily so they can truly take
  charge of their health and well being.

  Based in Miami, Florida, Dashi is Educational
  Director of the Center for BioTherapeutics, dba for
  the Hoshino Therapy Clinic, a holistic healthcare
  clinic, where she practices Traditional Chinese
  Medicine and other holistic modalities.

  In recent years she has expanded her practice to
  include Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy with
  Electrosound,  Zyto Biosurvey Health Assessment
  and energy healing.

  Dashi is China-certified in Wisdom (Zhineng)
  Qigong, Lian Gong, and is a Certified Facilitator of
  Supreme Science Qigong. She is a Certified Teacher
  of the St. Germaine School of the Violet Flame, and
  and offers treatments in Angel Light Healing and
  13th Octave LaHoChi.

  Visit www.AsianHealingArts.org to view Dashi’s
  calendar of classes, workshops, and international
  retreats. To receive her email calendar, email
  "subscribe" with your name, address, telephone and
  address to info@asianhealingarts.org..

Also check out the Wellness Store page:to learn
  about "Tools for Self-Healing" (Dashi's DVDs and
  CDs) and "Tools for Pain-Free Living." 



I need to thank you for the teachings of Qigong. This practice is an enormous contribution to my commitment to my overall health. I love its simplicity ...

Sometimes when I'm really tired, and need to keep going, I find that a few
minutes restore my energy, refresh and trigger my creative juices, and fill
me with a renewed zest for living...

Qigong also helps much with anxiety, by restoring my breath and the attention on the here and now. It reduces the mental chatter and, as a result, I'm better equipped to enjoy my life.

I thank you deeply. Your love for this practice and your commitment to
helping others feel better make you a superb teacher and a very dear friend.

May God continue to bless you with your innate talents!

With most gratitude,
Myriam G. LMHC
Miami, FL

I've received your DVD.  It is the best thing that I've ever seen- absolutely perfect!
V.M., Italy

Thanks so much for teaching me the Angel Light Healing.  I have used it every day since...  I leave for Michigan tomorrow as my Dad is now terminal with cancer.  I am so thankful to you as I can use it on him as well.
T.S., Miami
Just wanted to thank you for all that you gave to us this weekend. Just your being here lit up our lives!
Alise Hassell, RN
St. Maartin, Netherlands Antilles