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Asian Healing Arts- DVDs/CDs by Dashi Chu Kocica, AP


LIFT QI UP, POUR QI DOWN, English DVD- Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong Level I)
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Learn how to maintain health and heal any all types of illness with the 22-minute form practiced in the world's largest Qigong hospital in China. Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down- the foundation form of Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong- has been rated the #1 medical Qigong in China by the Chinese Sports Bureau.  This DVD will teach you how to create a “Group Healing Qi Field” using powerful visualizations to magnify the individual and collective healing. This DVD is invaluable for health professionals, healers and all persons wishing to optimize their healing potential. 

LIFT QI UP, POUR QI DOWN, English Audio CD- Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong Level I)   $14.99  Buy Now

This is the companion audio CD for the Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down DVD. It will liberate the practitioner from standing in front of their players or laptops, to practicing anywhere, including under the stars, while following the clear, verbal instructions.

GUIDED HEALING MEDITATION, English Audio CD- Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong   $14.99  Buy Now

Practice the guided healing meditation from the world's largest Qigong hospital in China, with a 95% overall effective rate in healing over 180 different diseases. This 15-minute meditation begins with creating a "healing Qi field," and then uses powerful visualizations to eliminate disease and promote healing in every part of the body, mind and spirit.

Erscheint bald!  NEUE DEUTSCHE DVD!
LIFT QI UP, POUR QI DOWN, German DVD (Qi Hochheben und Hinunter Giessen)-
 Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong Ebene 1      $24.99   Buy Now

Lerne wie man die Gesundheit erhält und alle Arten von Krankheiten mit der 22 minütigen Form heilt, die im größten Qigong Krankenhaus der Welt in China praktiziert wird. Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down,  die Grundform von Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong wurde durch das China Sports Bureau im Jahre 1998 als das System Nr. 1 des medizinischen Qi Gongs bewertet. Diese DVD bringt Ihnen bei,  wie man ein
„heilendes Gruppen – Qi Feld“ aufbaut und durch eine Reihe kraftvoller Visualisierungen die eigene und die kollektive Heilung verstärkt.
Diese DVD ist für  medizinische Fachkräfte, Heiler und alle Personen die ihr heilendes Potential optimieren möchten von unschätzbarem Wert.

LIFT QI UP, POUR QI DOWN, German Audio CD (Qi Hochheben und Hinunter Giessen)- Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong Ebene 1
    $14.99   Buy Now

Dieses ist die Begleitende Audio-CD zur DVD Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down. Der Übende muss nicht mehr vor seinem DVD–Spieler oder Laptop stehen; er kann überall üben, auch unter den Sternen, während er den klaren mündlichen Anweisungen folgt.


  Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong Ebene 1  
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Üben Sie die geführte heilende Meditation vom größten Qigong Krankenhaus der Welt in China, mit einem Gesamtheilungserfolg von 95% bei der Behandlung von über 180 verschiedenen Krankheiten. Diese 15 minütige Meditation beginnt mit der Schaffung eines „heilenden Gruppen – Qi Felds“ und verwendet dann eine Reihe kraftvoller Visualisierungen um Krankheiten zu beseitigen und die Heilung in jedem Körperteil, Verstand und Geist zu fördern.

POSTURCIZE DVD Part I: Movements for Pain-free Living    $24.99 US  Buy Now

Now you can improve your posture, while staying fit, pain-free and injury-free with the POSTURCIZE fitness routine, fun and easy-to-learn movements set to music that will stretch and revitalize all parts of the body, while promoting strong and supple joints. The daily practice of Posturcize will relieve muscular tension in the neck, shoulders and back, while helping to prevent bursitis, joint pain, tendinitis, carpal tunnel or finger pain (45 min)

POSTURCIZE DVD Part II: Movements for Pain-free Living    $24.99 US  Buy Now

The long-awaited sequel to Part I is finally available.  This DVD contains a 6 minute routine of the Hoshino Exercises, the minimum daily requirement for exercise.  Also you can practice 2 lower body routines:  the quick and easy standing chair routine, or the 20-minute low-back routine, yoga-style stretches practiced on the back, that are safe when you need relief from back pain.  The DVD also shows you how to use "Tools for Pain-free Living," Professor Hoshino's patented Back to Life Board to relieve  muscle and back pain while keep your spine supple, or the Back to Normal Board, to help you have the best posture in your car seat  or chair (60 minutes).


Swimming Dragon Qigong is unsurpassed for its simplicity and graceful movements which imitate a dragon emerging from the sea. This easy to learn one-minute form enhances weight loss by slenderizing the waist, regulating the appetite, hormones and lymphatic circulation. When practiced for 20 minutes daily, it rejuvenates the body and mind, keeps your spine supple and pain-free, promotes inner peace and life-long health (45 min).


Taiji-Qigong exercises are commonly practiced as warm-ups before Taiji Chuan or martial arts, however they are beneficial for everyone to reduce stress, keep fit and pain-free and promote life-long health.  This traditional set of 18 Taiji-Qigong exercises take 20 minutes to practice as a continuous flow.  You may also focus on a single form to reinforce proper body alignment and correct patterns of movement.  The forms are easy to learn for the beginner, and they will greatly improve the technique of the experienced student (25 minutes).

FIVE ORGANS QIGONG (Wisdom (Zhineng) Qigong Level III) DVD    $34.99   Buy Now

Five Organs Qigong promotes healing and normal function in the five Yin organs (heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys, liver), while balancing the Five Element emotion associated with each organ. The forms use healing sounds, hand figures, visualization and precise movements to deliver Qi into the target organs.  The 13th form of Level III brings the practitioner to the final step, merging the individual consciousness with the Oneness of Nature (60 minutes).

LIAN GONG Part I– Instructional DVD    $34.99  Buy Now

Lian Gong is a fun and easy to learn routine of Chinese therapeutic exercises that keep you fit and pain-free while forging a healthy body.  When synchron-ized to Chinese music and the breath, these simple exercises are transformed into a moving meditation. Part I is a 12-minute routine with 18 forms for a total body workout.  Video includes the routine without music to focus on the count, breath rhythm and transitional movements, plus detailed instructions on proper alignment and synchronization of the breath and movement with the music (60 minutes).

LIAN GONG Part I,II,III- Practice DVD    $34.99  Buy Now

This practice video offers all 3 parts of Lian Gong, a fun and easy to learn routine of Chinese Therapeutic exercises to forge a healthy body. Parts I & II keep the joints supple and treat stress and strain in the extremities and spine.  Part III strengthens heart and lungs for the prevention of cardio-vascular and respiratory disease. The daily practice of all 3 parts provides a total body workout of 40 minutes.
LIAN GONG Music: Part I, II. III-  Audio CD
    $14.99  Buy Now

This CD provides the music for Lian Gong Part I,II,III, with a voice-over of the name of each exercise plus the count to synchronize the movements with the music.

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DVDs/Videos on Chi-Lel Qigong
 by Luke & Frank Chan


101 Miracles of Natural Healing DVD - US $25 Buy Now

Learn the four major methods of Level I Chi-Lel Qigong /Zhineng Qigong 1) Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi
Down Method; 2) Three Centers Merge Standing Method; 3) La Chi; 4) Wall Squatting.  Full
instructional sections follow each form.  Video also includes actual footage of the world’s largest
medicineless hospital, founded by Chinese Medicine Doctor and Qigong Grandmaster, Pang Ming,
including bladder cancer being removed in real-time using chi.  1 hr 40 min.

101 Miracles of Natural Healing Book - US $20  Buy Now
Features truly inspirational stories of 101 individuals who miraculously recovered from chronic and
incurable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, paralysis, systemic lupus and more. 
Part Two describes and illustrates with photos the self-healing methods they practiced in the world’s
largest medicineless hospital.

Body and Mind Method of Chi-Lel ™ Qigong

DVD - US $25 (83 minutes) - Buy Now
Book US $20 - Buy Now
Audio CD US $12.50
- Buy Now

Body and Mind method is Level II of Chi-Lel ™ Qigong. Body and Mind method improves  strength,
vitality, concentration and heals illnesses.  It consists of 10 short forms that distribute Qi to all the
organs and all parts of the body for self-healing. 

101 Miracles of Natural Healing CD #1  US $12.50 Buy Now

Track 1: Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down - 21 minutes
Track 2: Three-Centers Merged Standing Method - 21 minutes
Track 3: Lift Chi Up and 3-Centers Combo – 33 minutes


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The Center For BioTherapeutics is proud to offer a variety of health maintenance tools to keep you balanced, flexible and pain free.   Use them as an adjunct to your course of therapy to help speed the healing process or just when you need to relax.

Back-to-Life Board  $60 Buy Now

Now you can give yourself an acupressure treatment every day.  All you need is to lie on the Back To Life Board and relax.  In just minutes a day the Back To Life Board relieves tension and stress, improves posture and vitality, keeps the spine youthfully supple. Small enough to pack in your suitcase, it is beautifully made of hand-finished wood  So unique it has a US Design patent.
(Please call for international shipping rates)

Back-to-Normal Board  $60 Buy Now

Does sitting in your car give you a backache?  Do you need a lumbar support when you sit for long periods at the computer?  Now you can own a device that firmly supports your entire back from your sacrum to your upper back, keeping your chest open and shoulders in natural alignment. Made of vinyl-covered plywood, your Back To Normal Board is great for your car or favorite chair, or for lumbar support while doing floor exercise.  Take it with you on the plane, and see how much more comfortable you to ride and sleep in in total comfort. (Please call for international shipping rates)

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